The All New Nissan Navara

The All New Nissan Navara is coming in March 2017. With innovative technology and SUV luxury, the new Navara will redefine what you know about double cabs.

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The next generation of Navara

We have a long history of building strong, dependable pickups. With each new model the boundaries of innovation have been pushed, providing you with everything you need to get the job done. And now it's time to experience the next generation Navara. It combines a tough, working pedigree, with premium ride comfort, smart technologies, and sleek, modern styling. All of which means you can step from a day on the job to a night on the town without missing a beat. The Nissan Navara. Rugged Redefined.

Diesel economy, twin-turbocharged performance

Generating more power, with fuel efficiency improvements over the outgoing model of 24%, the new 2.3-litre 140 kW twin-turbo diesel engine has 450Nm of torque, delivering fantastic acceleration and performance. Whether you're looking to pull a heavy load at work, or for a weekend away, the Nissan Navara makes it easy... mustering up the grunt to pull a massive 3,500kg braked towing capacity. 

Reliability, refinement and rugged good looks as standard

The bold exterior design, sleek aerodynamic shapes and distinctive LED lighting signatures of the all-new Navara produce a striking visual impression, raising the bar for style in the pick-up segment

Ride first class everyday

In the all-new Navara, you'll find fantastic levels of comfort and space in every seat. Up front, seats inspired by the feeling of zero gravity create neutral posture and help make long drives more comfortable. Automatic air conditioning with dual-zone climate control means you and your passengers can tailor the temperature individually.

Climb, crawl and power your way through

 Whether it's in the depths of the bush or the concrete jungle, the all-new Navara is always in its element. There are three driving modes -- four-wheel drive High for light off-roading, four-wheel drive Low for serious off-road driving in sand or deep mud, or two-wheel drive for when you're on tarmac. With features such as Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control, it's the bakkie that's ready for anything, giving great traction even in two-wheel drive mode thanks to its electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD).

Solid Underpinnings

 The all-new Navara has a fully boxed ladder chassis rather than the three-sided channel-section frame found on some other pick-ups. There's also the new five-link rear suspension, unique in the pick-up segment. This gives a better ride and more agile handling, without compromising load-carrying ability.